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Prepping the Lodge

Hello Loon and Eagle fans,

Welcome to my first little write up about our lodge and what we have in store for you. We are sooo excited to for spring 2021 and the opening of Loon and Eagle.As the winter closes in on perhaps what could be described as the most interesting year of our lives, Vivian and I were hard at work preparing Loon and Eagle for you, and our grand opening next spring. So many things to little time.. I think we all can relate to that at various points in our lives

We wanted to share a little history with you about the property we now call Loon and Eagle."Loon and Eagle" was formerly called "Chalets du Huard and Scarf." Named for Loon bay(Huard) and an original founder of the area named Scarf.

Once upon a time in the mid 70s through to the early 2000s this was a premier outfitting camp on Lake Kipawa, hosting 100s of guest from the USA and Canada annually for fishing, hunting, and outdoor wilderness vacations.

Through the years and a series of misfortunes, and wth fewer and fewer guests visiting, the property was left in need of some TLC. We have begun the process of bringing this premier fishing, and outdoor wilderness lodge to a state better than it ever was was with a "Green First" mindset.

Our first and most important mission is to respect the natural surroundings with a minimal footprint on the environment thereby preserving and protecting it for generations to come.

The first step was to give the property a full clean up, some TLC, and a whole slew of upgrades. We wanted to not only restore and rejuvenate the property, but also make it so families can join us in enjoying the natural pristine beauty of Lake Kipawa in time for the opening of fishing season in May and through next summer.

So we did manage to get some pretty big projects completed such as the new roof on Cabin 2, outboard motor service, the felling and splitting of a few problem trees for firewood, and fish hut repair, to name a few. Some of the upgrades such as dock repair boat prep, and the installation of the solar power service, will have to wait for the early spring to be completed because of weather limitations but will be ready for you in the spring. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Vivian and I can't wait to share with you what we fell in love with, and the beauty that is Northern Lake Kipawa, Quebec, and Loon and Eagle.

Watch for more information and updates on our progress as we transition through the winter and into early spring.

Have a Merry Christmas and Fishtastic New Year!

Chris and Vivian Englund

Loon and Eagle.....Creating those special memories that last a lifetime.

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