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Fishing Spring Cleanup...What’s in Your tackle box?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

It's that time of year......With spring weather just around the corner my thoughts start turning towards that first fishing trip of the year, reuniting with my fishing crew, and getting ready for another year of fun and fishing.

If your anything like me the fishing shows that magically appear each year in February and March on Saturday morning TV fuel the excitement, and like a deer in the rut I have the uncontrollable urge to fetch my tackle bags for the yearly inventory.

Cue up the yearly ritual of sorting, organizing, cleaning lures, and checking my gear. Gazing into my tackle boxes I always marvel at how so many lures can get so tangled together in one seemingly impossible clump, then start the loving process of separating them. Crank baits go in this box, spinners in that one, jigs and hooks in this one, spoons go here, soft plastics there, and top water lures in another.

One by one I sort through and separate them, knowing full well two days into my first trip they will be back to their natural tangled state. Yet I do it anyway with each untangling bringing back fond memories of fish caught on certain lures, and the evaluation of which work best for what. Oh YA! “I caught a ton of walleye with this one last year!!” and the inevitable. “I've never caught a thing with this one.” But keep it anyway with the ultimate realization that I really only fish with a very select set of lures.

For me its Husky jerks, J-7s and 9s and baited jig-heads. My tackle boxes are choked with seemingly endless variations of colours and sizes of each, and often times early season fishing Lake Kipawa any of these is all you really need. Flat-line trolling jointed Rapala J-11s and bigger, William's 40s half and half silver and blue for shallow cruising Lake Trout, or j-7s and Husky Jerks for walleyes holding in the shallow bays is always sure bet for me. There is of course the “go to” baited jig head either sinking or floating which yield those less aggressive walleye when other presentations aren’t producing.

Lake Kipawa is known for it's healthy Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout, and Smallmouth Bass fishery. Early season fishing is one of my favourite times of year, with

sizeable fish consistently hooked spring summer and fall, and delicious table fare always there for the taking.

At Loon and Eagle Outfitters, we are located on Lake Kipawa’s protected Northern basin and central to some of the best fishing Lake Kipawa has to offer. Twenty three years of fishing here has given me a fairly decent understanding of where the fish are and when, and what works best given certain conditions. Trophies have been taken right on the corner of our bay!

We offer fully equipped outpost cabins at our water access camp (Loon) and mainland cabins with boat launch tucked in our quiet sheltered bay (Eagle).

For those that prefer to fish out of their own boats we offer a convenient boat launch on site, or you can take advantage of using one of our fishing boats fully equipped, and ideally suited for fishing Lake Kipawa.

So whether your planning that annual fishing trip with friends, or a special family getaway to create memories that last a lifetime we got you covered.

Get that tackle box ready, phone your friends, and come experience what Lake Kipawa and Loon and Eagle have to offer.

See you on the Lake!

Chris Englund

Loon and Eagle Outfitters

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