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Creating memories that last a lifetime.

Do you have summer memories from your childhood that you will remember forever? These are much more important than you may think.

The reason those memories are imprinted into your mind and heart is they are experienced at a high emotional level. That father son fishing trip, or the weekend getaway with mom do way more in forging those deep emotional connections than we may think, and are so important for the development of a child. To better understand and appreciate what a deep emotional connection and experience is just think back to that special trip you took as a child and what it means to you now, and its my guess you want your child's life to be rich and full of these.

Many believe that in today's fast paced technologically driven world, and especially coming off two years of exceptionally high volumes of screen time and social disconnect, kids today are missing out on this. Screens and online activity cannot give children the rich emotional experiences they need.

It is said the real reason being with others is so important is because sharing events is the "ultimate magnifier of the human experience". “Being mentally present, and available” for our children is equally important.

Quality over Quantity:

Intentionally spend time with your kids and… Be fully present in every moment. You do not need to spend a ton of time with them but make your primary objective to spend quality time with them. Get creative and do new things. Go to places you have never gone before. Meet new people. Get a little crazy. Have your kids involved in researching and finding things to do. Make it a family decision.

Make Memories and Magic Moments:

Make life long memories! Here’s the best part….It does not have to be elaborate or expensive, and can be as simple as catching fireflies in a field or running through puddles during a warm rainstorm.

A camping or fishing trip reconnecting with each other and nature always makes memories. Traveling is another great one and you do not have to travel far. In our family traveling has always been at the top of our list. Interestingly, our fondest memories have been around things going wrong. It is the most amazing feeling when something big goes wrong, then all you do is laugh and solve it! Family vacations are full of happy misadventures. Some seem big at the time but when looking back are some of the best memories of all.

Make a New Family Tradition: Remember the word "culture". This is your family identity, and what you represent as a family. A common one is an annual camping trip or family reunion. Creating a family tradition or that special place you visit every summer.

Every year while he was in school I would reward my son with our annual Father Son fishing trip. Every year we spend a week away together fishing (we love fishing and the wilderness) in a remote camp in Quebec if, of course, his progress in school and his character must merit it.

Actually we loved it so much and it created such powerful memories I ended up buying the Fishing Lodge and now run that full time during the spring, summer, and fall months.

You are welcome to join us here if you are looking for that getaway! Look us up at or send me an email at contact@loonand and I will be happy to help get you started on creating that special family memory this summer.

So, get your kids involved and make some life long memories this summer!

Our time is short . . . their childhood is even shorter!

Chris Englund

Loon and Eagle

Lake Kipawa Quebec

647 992 1969

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